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Finding the Best Value Doesn’t Mean You Have to be Cheap -  It’s All About What You Know

By Ken Faught

I have been a world traveler for over 25 years and have learned to travel very well on a budget. There have been times when everything was about finding the cheapest options possible, but now my focus is on getting the best value. I have learned a lot of tricks about finding deep discounts on everything from airfares and hotel stays to rental cars and activities. It’s our intent that this page will give you a roadmap or framework on how to save money on travel, how to plan, and how to have the most fun. It will also show you some of the best travel gear and other useful tips and tricks so you can plan your next travel adventure.













Friends in Cabo. Vanessa Doleshal, Ken Faught and Amber Martinez at the Playa Grande resort.


Travel Planning Tips

Creating the ultimate vacation or just planning the ultimate trip takes a lot of work to do it right. We have traveled over a million miles around the world and have save a lot of money by using the right internet tools. Here’s a few very valuable travel resources that will help you plan.


How To Save Money on Airline Flights


How To Find Discount Hotel & Resorts


How To Save Money on International Cell Phone Service


How To Make An Effective Itinerary


How To Save Money For Travel


Travel Planning Checklist












A ziplining accident landed Jennifer Emig in Urgent Care in Hawaii.


Travel Health & Safety Tips

A lot of people don’t give much thought to health and safety during the planning stages of a trip, but it’s very important. The overwhelming majority of our trips have gone incredibly smooth, but we have encountered some emergencies along the way that have taught us valuable lessons in planning. Here are a few travel blogs that will help you know how to stay safe while traveling.



Best Travel Tips


Best Travel Safety Tips


How To Avoid Travel Scams


Travel Vaccination Guide


How To Find Travel Insurance












Ken Faught takes a camera everywhere he goes. Find out what else the Semi-Sober Travelers pack.


Our Travel Gear

We have learned a lot about what to take on a trip to make it the most-enjoyable adventure possible. We have worked hard to refine our clothing and equipment, and we take this section very seriously. We believe these stories will help you a lot as you figure out what to pack.


Best Travel Gear


Our Camera & Video Equipment


Best GoPro Accessories


Top 10 Travel Electronics


Best Travel Credit Cards


Best Suitcases


Best Backpacking/Camping Gear


Best Travel Backpacks














As professional travel bloggers, we carry a lot of specially selected equipment on every adventure.


Photography Tips & Equipment

You don’t need to have all of this equipment to get quality photos, but the right equipment certainly does help. Ken Faught is an award-winning photographer and has been all over the world shooting photos and videos for magazines, television and advertising.



Best Travel Cameras


How To Shoot Better Photos


Photography Tips


Best Photography Editing Apps


Best Photography Editing Software


Best Stock Photography Sites To Sell Your Photos














There is no stronger force to encourage us to travel more than stunning photos of incredible places.


Best Travel Inspiration

We find motivation in a number of locations and look for it almost every single day. Travel is our addiction, and our band of Semi-Sober Travelers wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out these cool sources before planning your next adventure.



Best YouTube Travel Channels 


Best Travel Books


Best Travel Movies


Top 100 Travel Quotes of All-Time


Top 25 Travel Instagram Photographers



Useful Travel Links

Here are a dozen or so travel companies and sites where you will learn how to save money on travel, where to find discount flights, where to find cheap hotels, and much more.



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Why we love 

Exuma & top excursion you won't want to miss!

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Trip Planning Websites

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8 Things To Do On Your

Cabo Vacation 

An Easy Guide To Epic

Adventures in Kauai

St. Barth's | One Of The Best Islands In The Caribbean

How to Take Better Photos

A Quick & Easy Guide


GoPro Accessory Guide | Tips

For Better Water Photos

take better photos.jpg
St. Barths.jpg
GoPro Accessory Guide.jpg

Hotel, Resort & Car Rental Websites




Airfare Search Engines



People also ask

Q: What are the best travel resources online?

A: Xsploremedia.com, expedia.com, tripadvisor.com

Q: What are the best travel sources?

A: Travel websites like this one.

Q: What are the best free travel resources?

A: The best free travel resources are on the the world-wide web (AKA: The internet)

Q: What are the best travel devices?

A: Check out this story on the Top 10 Travel Electronics

Q: What is the best way to travel?

A: The fastest is by airplane, but it depends on where you are traveling.

Q: What are the best resources for traveling?

A: The internet.




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