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Best Travel YouTube Channels

The Top 33 Vlogs to Follow

By Ken Faught

Vanessa Doleshal and I love to spend a lot of time before each trip learning about the destinations so we can travel prepared. We do Google Images searches, find interesting pins on Pinterest, conduct hashtag searches on Instagram, and check out videos. After all, we take travel blogging very serious in our quest to live the best life because it’s how we make money. If this lifestyle interest you, check out our story on how to start your own travel blog, which is loaded with all sorts of easy-to-understand advice.

What follows are our 33 favorite travel vlogs, and its loaded with all sorts of characters who document their best world travels. It’s an eclectic group of the best travel youtubers to follow, some of which travel solo while others take their entire family, including young kids. Some travel on a budget while others can afford a constant luxury vacation lifestyle. 


Favorite Youtube Travel Channels




Alex and Marko started their blog in 2013 as a resource for aspiring travelers around the world. “Travel is something that brings people together,” said Marko, “and in a time of deep division, we hope to use travel to promote understanding of different cultures of our planet. “When we founded Vagabrothers, we could hardly have been more different and hadn’t spent much time together in over eight years,” added Alex. “But our mutual curiosity about the world inspired us to make videos that share hidden histories, dispel stereotypes, and celebrate our differences, a message that now resonates with well over a million viewers from 140 countries.” Originally from San Diego, California, they moved up the coast to Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles. They also have an official website in addition to their popular Youtube Channel.



Sailing La Vagabonde

This popular YouTube Channel has over a million subscribers who watch an Australian couple sail their yacht around the world. They have owned two yachts, the result of Riley working in the Australian oil fields. Riley and Elay’s goal is to circumnavigate the globe by sail boat. So far, they have sailed approximately 100,000 nautical miles. They hope their YouTube video series will inspire others to explore alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness. You can learn more on their travel website. Here are some of our favorite video topics from their YouTube channel:

            *Sailing Greta Thunberg

            *The Chesapeake by Sailboat

            *Our Tiny Home with Sails

            *Boat Life: Would You Sell Your House

            *Close Call with a Tiger Shark in the Bahamas

            *Private Jetty Life in Paradise

            *Trapped Inside a Dangerous Coral Reef





Grrrl Traveller

Christine Kaaloa bills herself as a quirky American girl next door and a rugged solo-female adventurer. She is a digital storyteller and a veteran of the broadcast and video industry. She loves producing and filming documentary-reality, lifestyle and live event shows and news. “I am my one-woman film crew, taking you inside my solo adventures of food, travel, culture,” said Kaaloa. “and I help you find the confidence to do it too!?”  You can learn more about her best travel tips and much more at


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Somewhere Divine

Hailey and Brad Devine are a husband and wife filmmaking team. They met in Salt Lake City when she was just 15 and they dated for a while before Brad left to go on a Mormon mission. The pair now travel the world with their two young girls, Lucy and Greta. You can learn more about their ultimate world travel secrets and much more on their website.



Jacob and Katie Schwartz

Jacob Schwartz is a commercial film director and producer and has been posting travel YouTube videos since 2007. They have traveled to Costa Rica, Morocco, Venice, Yellowstone national Park, Peru, India, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, Myanmar, and much more with his wife Katie. Their travel videography is stunning.



Allison Andersol

Allison Anderson is a blogger that craves travel, minimalism and life. Her adventures include Alaska, Oman, Vancouver, Jordan, Dubai, Korea, Tokyo, Portugal, Iceland and much more. Her channel is not dedicated to travel, so expect to find a lot of vlogging about hair, makeup, beauty and new products since she started her YouTube channel in 2010. You can learn more about this popular vlogger at



Kate and Nate

This is a husband and wife vlogging team from Nashville, Tennessee who have traveled to over 100 countries. It all started with the idea of taking one year off before their lives got serious an they made daily vlogs. Kate and Nate left home in January 2016 with only two carry-on bags, and in about six months, knew they didn’t want to stop traveling the world anytime soon. Now, they make a living exploring the world. You can learn a lot more about this fascinating world traveling couple on their website.



Fun for Louis

Louis Cole is an English vlogger and YouTuber whose moto is “peace out, enjoy life, live the adventure! In 2007 he purchased a double decker bus to help homeless youth with music and video game facilities. The Boombus now receives government funding and is still going strong today. Luis is also considered one of the top travel influencers. To me, as a private pilot, his coolest adventure was travelling with a friend in a Cessna 210 single-engine six-seat plane around the world. The journey took three months but is absolutely epic. Here are some of our favorite video topics on his YouTube channel:        

            *Cargo Plane Converted to Restaurant in Costa Rica

            *Our Dream Eco Village in Costa Rica

            *Sony ZV-1 – World’s Best Vlogging Camera for $750

            *Unbelievable Bioluminescent Beach in California.

            *Lost in the Wilderness of Alaska

            *GoPro Camera Review

            *We Got Robbed!

            *Bus Retreat for Christmas

            *Insane Night Snowmobiling


Fearless & Far

Mike Corey is a marine biology graduate turned filmmaker who loves to travel. His niche is looking for things that make you uncomfortable during his global quest to challenge fear by seeking unique experiences in weird and wonderful destinations. Mike has been fascinated with lesser known parts of the worth and actually sets out to find the types of places that most people want to avoid. This is one of the most-unique vlogs on our list, but it’s very entertaining and Mike Corey has a huge personality.


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Sam & Audrey TV

This Youtube channel focuses on travel and food videos. They are travel bloggers with a passion for eating local food while traveling around the globe. On their travel channel you will find an eclectic mix of city guides, best travel tips, street food tours, travel videos and food vlogs. Their goal is to inspire you to travel around the world and eat delicious local cuisine while following your dreams in hopes you will never stop exploring. You can also follow their journey on their popular travel blog.


The Endless Adventure

This is a husband and wife team of Eric and Allison who have a quest to find the most-interesting travel destinations along with unique foods. They have traded in their steady paychecks and permanent home for a life of traveling to places like Bali, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Manila, Philippines, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Japan. They also have a really good travel blog at  that you should check out.



What Doesn’t Suck

This couple is half French and have American and they focus on creating video and social media travel content in their “48 Hour in…” adventure travel series. They specialize in adventure Travel and Couple travel and have been to nearly 40 countries together so far. The expatriates are currently based in Amsterdam and have completed a 200-day trip around the world to the United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Greece, Ecuador, France, Italy, Germany, Greenland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Indonesia Nepal and India. They also document their incredible travel adventures on their website . Here are some of our favorite videos from their YouTube travel channel:

            *6 Rules to Travel Like a Local

            *The Complete Everest Base Camp Trek

            *15 Sustainable Travel Tips You Need to be Doing Right Now

            *48 Hours in Greenland

            *48 Hours in Bali

            *Amazing Great American Road Trip Drone Footage

            *Stunning Footage of Dubai From Above

            *Wake Boarding on the Palm in Dubai

            *Best Girls Spa Day in Dubai



Cailin O’Neal

She bills herself as a travel filmmaker, snapchatter and food blogger from Halifax, Nova Scotia who produces content featuring quirky, funny and knowledgeable videos from around the world. Her main focus is a series called “Cities in Minutes Videos. “Cailing began her filmmaking career after graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2007. She is a full-time freelancer, blogger and writer who has been to over 47 countries. She has snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, cracked a whip on a homestead on Australia, tumbled down a hill in a Zorb in New Zealand, searched for the Loc Ness Monster in Scotland, rolled cigars in Cuba and tasted many beers in Germany. She has also eaten a variety of pizzas in Italy, has gone on over 20 safaris in Southern Africa, has tasted Durian in Malasia and has trekked to see the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda and even been chased by a Komodo dragon in Indonesia. You can learn a lot more about her and your world travels at


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Tourist 2 Towne

In October of 2009 Gareth Leonard decided to buy a one-way airline ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina and change his life. He had no contacts, didn’t speak the language and had a minimal budget, but he was on a quest to immerse himself in a foreign culture and push his personal limits. Moreover, he felt it was time to start writing his own story. He mapped out a five-year plan with a mission for each country he wanted to visit.

1.In Argentina, he wanted to learn Spanish and find a local job in Buenos Aires.

2.In Columbia he wanted to learn to dance the  in Medellin.

3.In Peru he wanted to learn how to cool  in Lima.

4.In Bolivia he wanted to help build libraries in Sucre.

5.In Guatemala he wanted to work in the Lake Atitlan region developing small businesses

6.In Brazil he wanted to learn Portuguese and work at the World Cup.

He continues this philosophy to date and takes viewers on his popular YouTube channel on fun adventures around the planet. You can also learn more on his best travel blog at




Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is one of the top travel vloggers on YouTube and has traveled to over 55 countries around the world. Yes, she is a professional traveler and much, much more. She began her career in 2010 and has grown a huge following on Instagram as well. She has spoken and presented on expert panels at the Canadian Media Producers Association, GoogleVidCon, Buffer Festival and Travel & Adventure shows. He co-MC’d the International Luxury Hoteliers Conference and was a keynote speaker at the 2016 Women in Travel Summit. In 2014 she was named one of the top 130 most-influential travel bloggers and media outlets and attended the White House Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. She’s basically a bad ass and you should check her out on her YouTube channel and also her top-rated travel website.



Gabriel Traveler

Gabriel Morris got his love for travel at a young age when his aunt took him on a two-week road trip when he was only eight years old. When he was 18, he hitchhiked the entire length of the U.K. from Land’s End at the southwestern tip of England to John ‘o” Groats at the top of Scotland, and then hopped over to Ireland. That same summer he spent time visiting 10 countries in Europe, and then came home to start school in Alaska. He left school early and spent six more years hitchhiking in the fall of 1994. You can learn more about his world travels and unique life quests at



Gone with The Wynns

In 2011 husband and wife Jason and Nikki Wynn traded in their everyday life to satisfy their “wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.” They spent their first six years of travel on an epic road trip around North America. Now, they are two years and 10,000 nautical miles into a sailing voyage around the world as they search, explore, discover, grow, learn and share. They are perpetual travelers who love sailing, road trips in RVs, and trying new things. They also have a travel blog that documents their epic adventures, and here’s a few topics on their YouTube channel that we like:

            *The Tesla of the Ocean

            *Life on a Boat and Swimming with Whales

            *One Last Dive, Goodbye Bora Bora

            *This is the Poor Man’s Galapagos

            *A Sailors Bliss in San Blas

            *All Our Camera Gear – An Honest End-of-Year Review

            *The Most-Expensive Coffee in the World

            *Swimming with Mermaids


Rick Steves’ Europe

Rick Steves’ is one of the most-interesting people in the world of travel blogging and travel vlogging. He is a best-selling author that has written over 50 European travel books, most of which encourages American to travel as “temporary locals.” He helps American travelers connect much more intimately and authentically with Europe and Europeans, for a fraction of what mainstream tourists pay. He advocates smart, affordable, perspective-broadening travelel. He is also the host of public television’s Rick Steves’ Europe, and has a popular travel blog at



Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc is a Canadian living in Bali. In 2015, he was working his dream job, but says he was depressed and drained by working 9-5. He says that no amount of money or success would make him happy if he wasn’t doing what he loved. So, he quit his job, sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. He had virtually no money, and no real skills as a content creator, but he had a passion. He claims to have built a seven-figure business by age 25 and works with brands like CanonNikon, Google, DJIAir Canada, Wonderful Indonesia and many others. You can learn more at


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Drew Binksy

This travel blogger and content creator has been to 191 countries since 2012 and works as a full-time video maker, travel blogger and content creator He also claims to have a 5-handicap on the golf course and holds two Guinness World Records, one of which was visiting 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 24 hours. Drew Binksy grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a double-major in economics and entrepreneurship. To learn more check out and also note some of our favorite travel video topics on his YouTube channel:

            *People Are Amazing (20 Random Interactions)

            *This Restaurant in Tokyo has Robots

            *Youngest Person to Visit Every Country

            *3 Inspiring Stories

            *5 Cleanest Nations on Earth

            *My thoughts on Coronavirus

            *$10 Challenge in Dominican Republic

            *10 Friendliest Countries in the World

            *World’s Most-Traveled Man – Lee Abbamonte



Psycho Traveller

Alishia Ford is originally from Birmingham, England and has an incredible “let’s do this” attitude. She is a digital nomad that posts weekly videos on travel, food and other things in her life, like jumping out of a plane (i.e. skydiving) at 14,000 feet. She loves big and small adventures and is also into public speaking. You can learn more about this interesting solo traveler at



Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel blogger and professional photographer that has been traveling around the world since 2010. He does both solo adventures and trips with his family, hopes to inspire others with entertaining stories, stunning photography fun travel videos and budget travel tips. His YouTube channel features a variety of fun stories. You can learn more about him at



The Bucket List Family

Garrett and Jessica Gee started in August of 2015 when they decided to sell everything and leave home for a journey around the world. They met in 2009 while working on a service mission in Vladivostok, Russia. Jessica was going to school for advertising and Garrett was working on an iPhone app that he eventually sold to snapchat. Now they have three kids and have been to over 65 different countries together. But after living three years full-time on the road, they decided to change up their game. They renovated a little bungalow on the beach in Hawaii so the kids could be involved in activities like soccer, gymnastics, surfing and school on a more consistent basis. The family of traveling journalists have created a successful travel YouTube channel and a travel blog at


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Allan Su

Allan Su is a travel filmmaker focused on capturing his experience while creating travel video that inspire others to get out and see the world. Some of our favorite videos are:

            *Iceland Glacier by drone – Mavic 2 Pro

            *10 Days on the Ring Road in Iceland

            *My First Time in the Faroe Islands

            *Top 15 Things to do in Osaka Japan

            *London Travel Guide – Weekends in London

            *Bali Travel Guide – How to Travel Bali for First Timers

            *Driving to Sa Calobra

            *Best Beaches in Bali

He is an interesting story teller and also has a travel blog at



Divert Living

Jimmy and Tah are American and Thai Millennials who fell in love in 2015 in South Korea. In September 2017, with about $4000 each, they started publishing their journey and proudly claim they are homeless, living life out of luggage during there non-stop travels. They love commercial production and focus on content creation. You can learn more about them at



Eva Zu Beck

In January 2018 Eva Zu Beck changed her life and decided she wanted to open people’s eyes to new experiences and places with a weekly vlog featuring her solo adventures around the world. She left London and now produces her own travel show on YouTube and creates travel films for partner brands and hosts travel documentaries. She sees herself as a presenter, director and producer of original, fun, insightful videos. She’s also worked at the European Parliament in Brussels and studied French & German at the University of Oxford. You can learn more about Eva on her travel blog at





Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries

This filmmaker and YouTube vlogger is all about showing you his backpacking adventures from around the world. While backpacking is not everyone’s idea of seeing the planet, he does offer some fun and entertaining videos of his many journeys. You can also learn more on his travel blog at



Nomadic Fanatic

Eric is a character with a furry cat named Jax that travels around the Unite States chasing 70-degree weather while living in an RV. He travels from national parks to historic drives, always looking for an adventure. Surprisingly he doesn’t have a website, but he does have a lot of cool videos on his YouTube travel channel. Here are some of our favorites:

            *Devil Went Down to Walmart

            *Adult Commedy “NashTrash” Tour

            *12 Questions RV Challenge

            *Nostalgic Neon Motels, Bagdad Café & Abandoned Exploration

            *Disneyland Halloween


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Tula’s Endless Summer

Billy Sierra and their dog named Jetty live on a boat. They have sailed up and down the East Cost of the United States, all of the Bahamas and through the Caribbean. They started this journey in a small monohull sailboat, Tula, hence the blog name, and then moved onto an old trawler called Neverland. They now live on a sailing catamaran named Adrenalin. They make videos of everything from secret Caribbean bean waterfall to how to fix a diesel engine, and just about everything in between. They also have a successful travel blog which is really cool, especially if you are into hard-core ocean adventure.



Mr Ben Brown

This character is very simple and focuses all of his attention on his travel YouTube channel. He doesn’t have a regular blog, he simply vlogs and crushes it with content. He does everything from freediving in Cape Town to reviews of the GoPro Karma grip test. He’s an amazing photographer and videographer and is absolutely funny, especially when he talks about his open relationship and gives a mental health update on panic attacks.


Wolters World

His goal is to give honest travel advice to help fellow travelers get the most out of their travel experience. He discussed the best and worst parts of traveling so that people can be better prepared for their vacation. He discusses how to be prepared to travel to a new country and general travel tips for packing, budgeting, planning, safety and much more. He’s also got a travel store, not a blog, at


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The Planet D

Travel vloggers Dave and Deb of The Planet D post weekly about their adventures around the world. They have been to 110 countries in all seven continents and they highlight their favorite destinations with travel guides, travel tips, and drone footage on 4k video. They are a married couple who live by the moto “Adventure is for Everyone” and their travel videos are filled with humor, fun, inspiration and information. They have been travelling since 2010 and also have an award-winning travel blog. Forbes Magazine named them one of the top 10 travel influencers in the world. They have cool videos from Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean and South Pacific.



Cecile Bizet

Cecile Bizet is a self-described social media influencer, daily vlogger, world traveler and entrepreneur. She started making YouTube videos when she was 12 years old with the goal to live an extraordinary life. She is not dedicated to travel in her vlog, so be prepared to sort through a variety of information before you find content that applies to you. She also has a website at




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People also ask

*Who is the best vlogger? That depends on a lot of factors. Look at the top youtube vlog list below.

*Who are the top 20 Youtubers?



            -Cocomelon – Nursry Rhymes

            -Set India

            -5-Minute Crafts


            -Canal Kondzilla

            -Zee Music Company

            -Like Nastya

            -Kids Diana Show

            -Vlad and Nakita



            -Luisito Comunica


            -Luccas Neto





*How to be a successful vlogger?

            -Find your voice

            -Stay true to your message

            -Find the best shot, and then get it


            -Listen to your audience

            -Find a formula and stick to it

            -Never stop learning


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