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How to Earn Extra Money 2020

The Ultimate How-To Guide

32 Side Hustles for Men & Women

By Ken Faught


Wanna make some extra money? Here are some tips & tricks on how to make extra cash in this crazy COVID-19 era (and post-pandemic) that has rocked the world. Some of the smartest people in the world no longer rely on a single source of income, and that has been our feeling as well.

I started my first side hustle when I was 12 years old, pulling weeds and mowing lawns for neighbors. Then, when I was 14, I started cleaning a local machine shop and learning to work on a lathe. I was horrible, but at least I tried! When I was 17, I launched my photojournalism career, and have had some type of photography side gig ever since.

I have freelanced for over 75 magazines worldwide and have always had multiple sources of income, and I am not alone. Statistically, more than 50 percent of the American millennial workforce freelances, and freelancing now brings in over $1.4 Trillion annual. These are people who want to make extra money online while holding down a day job. Simply put, they want to make extra money from home to have more stability, more peace of mind, and more freedom.

I have recently been offering career advice to my two kids, one who is in high school and the other who is in college. I want them to open their minds and think differently. Although I went to college for 10-consecutive years and got my Bachelor’s Degree from Long Beach State University, I want them to be creative and explore all options.

What follows are some of the things that I have spoken to my kids about. They’ve seen me build a chain of indoor kart tracks with 16 locations (, a silicone wedding ring company (www.fixatedesigns), a commercial photo studio business (now, and several other businesses. Yet I have never only had one job, and the following list is full of some things that will open your eyes into this modern-day, say, gold rush.







Have laptop, will travel, is more than just a saying for our band of semi-sober travelers. It’s a real lifestyle where we can literally work anywhere.


1. Build Websites


Advances in technology have made website creation so much easier than ever before. Whether you are building in a platform like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Constant Contact, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, or one of the many others, it’s something you can learn moderately quickly and easy. We built our website and had no previous experience but watched a lot of Youtube videos, consulted some people on Craigslist and read a lot of blogs.


>>>Start learning how to build websites today.


2. Transcribe & Caption Videos


Video has never been more popular, in fact YouTube is the second biggest site on the internet, and it’s getting bigger every day. Although pay is about $10-15 per hour, depending on how fast you type, it’s simple work, and one that is in huge demand.


>>> Start learning how to transcribe video through Rev and 3Play Media.


3. Rent Your Car


Turo is to car owners what VRBO is to homeowners. Turo is a platform that allows you to rent out your car whenever you like. Turo pre-screens every driver and also maintains a $1 million insurance policy. How much money you make depends on a lot of factors such as your car’s make and model, the city, and how much you charge. Some of their top cities include Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami, Phoenix, Boston, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and Seattle.


>>> Start learning how to rent your car on Turo.











Ken Faught has written seven books so far and plans to write several more.







How-to books are extremely popular because they help people solve problems!





















My friend Troy Scott wrote this international best-selling book called Small Business Owner’s Guide to Digital Marketing and is a prime example of ways you can make money working at home.


4. Write an E-Book


I have written seven books so far and intend to write several more. This is one of the more challenging items on my list because it requires skill, determination and knowledge of the field you want to write about, plus it takes a while to earn the money from sales. You also need to learn how to sell the book and promote it through advertising, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter) , blogging, book reviews, content marketing, and every way you can possibly think.


>>> Learn How to Write and Sell an Ebook


5. Virtual Bookkeeper On Demand


Bookkeeping has been around for 100 years and is an integral part of every business, in fact my daughter is a bookkeeper for Pole Position Raceway. A bookkeeper basically keeps track of all the financial company info (income, expense, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, etc.). Bookkeepers can make about $25,000 a year by working about 20-25 hours a week. They use programs like Quickbooks which has an online version and can handle multiple clients.



>>>  Get Info on Starting a Bookeeping Business


6. Medical Transcriptionist & Online Billing

The medical field is huge and is nearly recession-proof. Doctors all around the United States need people to help transcribe notes and handle online billing. There are even companies that offer training, and this is one job where there is a pretty big demand for help.


>>> Get info on Online Billing and Medical Transcriptionist




Ken shot photos of Vanessa and Ricardo Laguna for Soda Jerk Shot vodka.


7. Edit Photos

Photographers can’t always keep up with their photo editing needs, and often outsource critical photo editing. There are all kinds of only courses that teach you how to use LightRoom and how to use Photoshop. This is an incredibly fun way to earn extra money online, and just requires a decent computer and the right software. There are also a wide variety of how to videos on YouTube and Vimeo that will help if you choose to make this one of your side hustles.


>>> Learn How to Make Money Editing Photos

8. Rent Your House on Airbnb or VRBO

Vacation travel changed when companies like VRBO and Airbnb began offering an efficient way to rent houses. You can literally rent houses all over the world including Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. If you own a home, consider listing it when you are not in town.


>>> Start Renting Your House


9. Recharge Bird & Lime Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are popular all over the United States, and I first rode them during a trip to Nashville for an AMA Supercross off-road motorcycle race. The companies pay between $5-20 for each electric vehicle that is charged, and “lime juicers” and “bird hunters” can use GPS to find the scooters each night. In San Diego, I have personally seen two guys with about 30 scooters on a trailer charging the on the go.


>>> Learn How To Make Money Charging Electric Scooters

10. Start a Blog

Are you an expert in a field or want to become an expert in something like do-it-yourself projects, auto repair, cooking, fitness, crafts, or anything else fun? Bloggers can make great money by teaching others some type of skill, solving some type of problem, or showing them how to save money. At XSplore Media, we try to do a little bit of all three of those things. This allows us to make money by having a laptop, camera and a whole lot of motivation and determination. Bloggers make money by creating content, promoting affiliate products, selling your own products and courses, earning commissions, public speaking, and freelance writing.


>>> How to Start Your Own Blog


11. Teach A Class

If you have some really good skills, consider teaching an online class. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way people want to learn, and the world is looking for people who can help others gain knowledge. You don’t need a teaching credential or college in order to make money in the arena online. There are a variety of platforms that can show you how to do this, and several ways to monetize. My friend Troy Scott has been making money with an online course at


>>> How to Teach a Class Online & Make Money


12. Consider becoming A Proofreader

There are several ways you can make money being a proofreader, and there have never been more tools to help people perform this task. People can make up to $50-60k a year full-time proofreading, and you can hand-pick the amount of hours you want to work. The biggest area of opportunity is for court reporters.


>>> Learn How to Make Money Proofreading


13. Grocery Shop for Others

One side hustle that has been gaining a lot of momentum is grocery shopping for others. Companies like InstaCart specialize in this, and the concept is really simple. They have options for full- or part-time work, and they offer flexible hours.


>>>Make Money With InstaCart Shopping For Others


I have wrapped my cars with advertising for over a decade, and now you have the ability to earn cash by doing the same.


14. Use Your Car For Advertising

I have been doing this for a long time for my chain of indoor go kart tracks (, and there are a couple companies that pay people to wrap their personal cars. Pay can vary from a few hundred bucks to a thousand dollars a month depending on how much you drive and the city in which you commute.  Wrapify and Carvertise are two companies that focus on this industry.


>>> Learn How to Make Money Wrapping Your Car


15.   Earn Extra Money as a Tutor

People all over the world are looking for professional tutors, and my daughter is the perfect example. She struggled with a college calculus course and we hired a tutor that eventually helped her earn an “A” in the class. Kids also need help preparing for the SAT or ACT tests. If you have skills in any particular area that would help others, consider tutoring students online with Preply.


>>> Start Making Money Tutoring Students 













Side hustles can eventually turn into full-time opportunities. XSplore Media is a news site and we, the semi sober travelers, receive compensation from some, keyword some companies whose products or services are presented on our website and associated social media, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. This is what has drawn us to travel blogging. We combine Vanessa’s talents in front of the lens with Ken’s talents behind the lens, to create content that is in high demand.


16. Create Content on YouTube

YouTube is the number two website in the world behind Google, and for good reason. It’s an incredible platform that educates and entertains the masses. Equally important is that it’s free and uses advertising to cover its costs and make them profit.

So, you want to know how to create your own YouTube channel? Well, this is a patience play because you have to create something (i.e. a video) that people want to watch, and this takes time. However, once you get enough traffic (i.e views), you can make money off display advertising, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships and Patreon donations. There are lot of people out there who have massive followings so we made this list of the most popular YouTube channels to help with your research.


Top 10 YouTube Channels 2020

  1. T-Series

  2. PewDiePie

  3. Cocomelon – Nursry Rhymes

  4. Set India

  5. 5-Minute Crafts

  6. Canal Kondzilla

  7. WWI

  8. Justin Bieber

  9. Zee Music Company

  10. Dude Perfect


Some people choose a particular niche for their channel like cooking, science, how-to, music, video games, instructional, product reviews, parenting, sports, etc. This can be a lot of fun and combine your hobby with your need to make money.


>>>  Make Your Own YouTube Channel

17. Become an Influencer

There are people all over the world who make money by influencing others to buy products and services, and it’s no secret. Social Media influencers have been around as long as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and a lot of it is easy to see. A cute girl showing off her latest yoga pants and telling you to use Karen20 at checkout to get 20% off your order. Of course, she gets a commission off the sale, and that is perfectly fine.

To make money as an influencer, you need to build a following so you have an audience that is large enough to buy enough. You also have to associate with companies who have products that people want. This comes down to marketing, and you have to connect your audience with the right products. But if you have the patience and can take the time to learn how to be a social media influencer, the possibilities are limitless.

Top 10 Influencers 2020

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

  2. Justin Bieber

  3. Taylor Swift

  4. Ariana Grande

  5. Selena Gomez

  6. Katy Perry

  7. Kim Kardashian West

  8. Beyonce

  9. Felix Kjellberg

  10. Kylie Jenner 


There are several levels of influencers, and it’s important to know how this works. New influencers can expect to get discounts on products as they launch their platform, but over time, this can lead to free products and services, and being paid for posts on Instagram, Facebook, website blogs and YouTube. For example, Amazon has one of the largest influencer programs and most of the larger companies have affiliate marketing programs that we use to monetize this site. There is also ShareASale, eBay Partners, Shopify Affiliate Program, Clickbank, Rakuten, Leadpages Partner Program, StudioPress Affiliate and much more.

>>> Sign Up for Amazon Influencer Program

18.  Get Paid for Freelance Writing

I started my careers as a freelance journalist for Cycle News and ATV News and it changed my life. I was a 17-year-old high-school student when I got my first photos published in a national motorcycle magazine called Dirt Rider, and I later became editor-in-chief of that brand. It had a monthly paid circulation of over 200,000 and a total audience of about a million.

Fact is, you don’t need a college education to freelance, and there are companies all over the world who are looking for creative writers. I chose to combine this with photography and become a photojournalist, and my work has appeared in nearly 100 magazines worldwide. The pay range varies wildly, but it can be a good option.


>>>  Make Money Freelance Writing















I have been a professional photographer for most of my life. This is a photo that I did for Medievel Times for an advertising campaign.


19. Make Money Selling Freelance Photography

As mentioned above, I have been a professional photographer since I was a teenager. My first job I made $425 in a day during high school, and that changed my career. As you know, we live in a very visual world, where photos help sell products and services more than words. Check out my list below of photography jobs.



Photography Jobs

  • Wedding Photographers

  • Sports Photographers

  • Event Photographer

  • Family Portrait Photographers

  • Travel Photographers

  • Product Photographer

  • Fine Art Photographer

  • Fashion Photographer

  • Architectural Photographer

  • Advertising & Lifestyle Photographer

  • Pet Photographer

  • Aerial Photographer

  • Scientific Photographer

  • Stock Photographer


I have made as much as $5,000 for a single photo. This will require some startup capital for a modest camera (See my story on best camera gear), a computer and photo editing software. You will also need to learn the craft (YouTube is full of instructional videos) and create a portfolio. You will also want to market yourself through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms. You can sell to Shutterstock, Stocksy, Flytographer and Cheese.

20.  Work as a Virtual Assistant

People all around the world have been hiring people online to help coordinate business affairs, personal matters, and just about everything. The Virtual Assistant is an incredible opportunity to help business owners  in a variety of realms. Virtual assistant can earn $16-40 per hour through booking travel, data entry, social media management, record-keeping, online research, and much more.

>>> Become a Virtual Assistant – Learn Now!

21. Make Money Donating Blood Plasma

Blood plasma is in high demand in the medical field. Big pharmaceutical companies use it in their products and you can earn up to $5000 a year by donating twice per week. It’s simple, but there is a screening process, and not everyone is a candidate for this line of workYou can donate plasma up to twice per week, earning up to $400 a month. The process takes about 90 minutes. There are a couple of risks though. If the large needle used bursts your vein, it can turn your whole arm black & blue for a while. And if you donate a lot, it can leave a small permanent scar.

>>> Blood Plasma Donation Centers (links to Nu-Plasma, BioLife and CSL Plasma)


22. Make Money Online Consulting & Coaching

Consultants can earn really good money offering advice online, and face-to-face meetings with tools like Zoom and Skype add a personal touch. People do all types of consulting from financial advice to life coaching from doctors to lawyers. We do it and charge an hourly rate to help people plan their next trip. is a good place to learn more about how to make money consulting online.


>>> How To Make Money Consulting

23. Make Money House Sitting

This is pretty self-explanatory, but people are looking for good, honest and reliable people to watch their houses.


>>> Start Making Money House Sitting

24. Make Money Pet Sitting

Have you ever wondered how to make money pet sitting? Well, people like me hire people all the time. My wife and I have three cats, and we take this very seriously. There is a pet-sitting app called Rover.


>>> Start Making Money Pet Sitting


25. Make Money Walking Dogs

Check out, a website connecting dog owners with dog walkers. This can be a very simple job.


>>>Start Making Money Walking Dogs


26. Make Money Delivering Food

Food delivery has become an incredible way to earn extra money, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies like and UberEats are hiring delivery drivers all over the United States. You do need your own car, but it doesn’t have to be as fancy as Uber or Lyft since you are only carrying food, not passengers.


>>> Start Earning Money Delivering Food

27. Make Money Driving For Lyft and Uber

Companies like Uber and Lyft are changing the world and local transportation around the globe. As long as you are at least 21 years old, and have a modest four-door car, you will most likely qualify to be an Uber or Lyft driver, and many people do both. This allows you to decide when you want to work and when you do not. It’s an incredible side gig for the right people.

>>> Start Making Money Driving for Uber and Lyft


28. Make Money Delivering Packages for Flex.

Amazon Flex is a package delivery company that will pay you up to $25 an hour to deliver packages. Much like Uber or Lyft, they use an app to let drivers know when there are packages to be delivered and where. This allows you to choose when you want to work and when you do not.


>>> Make Money Delivering Packages For Amazon Flex

29. Make Money Assembling Furniture for Amazon

Can you assemble bed frames, dressers, cabinets and other household products? You know, the type of stuff you usually find at Ikea and Best Buy. Amazon hires independent contractors around the United States to assemble products locally. There are some rules and regulations, of course, and some vetting, but this can pay very well.


>>> Make Money Assembling Furniture on Amazon

31. Make Money Testing Websites

Troubleshooting issues with websites, creating better user experiences, and improving navigation are all things that big businesses pay freelancers to help them improve. Companies like UserTesting, WhatUsersDo and UserTest are in the business to help companies enhance their sites in order to increase traffic, increase navigation and find broken links. There is a reason why companies like Walmart, Linkedin, Reddit, Yelp, Wikipedia and Tripadvisor  rank in the top 100 websites 2020, and why others try to replicate their magic.



32.  Make Money as a Market Research Participant

Several years ago, I learned all about this field when a research company for BMW paid me for input on car design. I made a few hundred bucks by looking at car concepts and filling out simple questionnaires. The research companies like use this data to help their clients improve products and services.

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