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By Donnie Bales

I have been involved in off-road motorcycles for over 30 years and have travelled all over the United States on two wheels. It’s an addiction of sorts that has also provided me a living as a motorcycle journalist for some of the biggest two-wheel magazines, television shows and webcasts in the world. This story is going to explain some key things about the sport. It’s going to feature the different types of motorcycles, provide you a list of key companies who make motorcycle helmets and apparel, offer you links to key motorcycle websites, and much, much more.


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As a teaser, and to get your more excited about my passion for two-wheel sports, I want to show you what motorcycling is capable of offering, and the best way is to show you with Speed & Sport Adventures, the best dual-sport motorcycle tour company in the United States. Speed & Sport Adventures was founded in 2020 by a group of amazing motorcycle riders including Destry Abbott, Grant Langston, Andrew Short, Cody Webb, Jennifer Emig, Ken Faught (of XSplore Media), Paul Krause, Mark Kariya, Vanessa Doleshal, Ryan Sipes, Scott Bright, Cameron Coatney and a few others. Sipes is the first American to win the prestigious International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) overall. Webb is a champion trials and EnduroCross rider, Langston is a world motocross champion, Abbott and Krause are both desert aces, Faught, Kariya and Coatney are professional motorcycle journalists, and Bright has raced Dakar, ISDE and lots more. Simply put, Speed & Sport Adventures is owned by the most-talented group of enthusiasts to ever own a motorcycle tour company in the United States.

Disclosure: We are a news site and may receive compensation from some companies whose products or services are presented on our website and associated social media. 

The high-end tours take place in different spots around the country and are based on the basecamp concept. Speed & Sport Adventures finds multi-million-dollar homes as a basecamp so that everyone has their own bedroom and bathroom. The rides take place in beautiful parts of the United States like Park City, Utah, and Mammoth Lakes, California, and the company is expanding operations every year. Speed and Sport Adventures has a fleet of rental KTM dual sport bikes and limits each group of riders to 10 per tour to create an incredible atmosphere. They also take along a celebrity rider for each tour and have all sorts of cool activities like helicopter fishing and helicopter mountain biking, kayaking, exotic car driving, and much more. Each tour package has its own list of special amenities, which sometimes includes a private chef, private restaurant dining, poker nights, bench racing, and lots more.

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Speed and Sport Adventures uses special guides such as multi-time hillclimb and X-Games Champion Travis Whitlock and pro motocrosser Pat Foster. They include all sorts of riding tips, mini bike tuning/setup clinics, and offer advice on a variety of topics related to dual-sport riding.

“I love the sport and motorcycle tours have always been a big part of my life,” said Kariya. “I have travelled all over the world for 40 years as a profession and have done a variety of tours as part of my job. Our tours have been designed to offer the best of everything, and I am very proud of what we have created.”

Check out Speed & Sport Adventures to learn more about their amazing dual-sport rides and other events they offer.

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Different Types of Motorcycles

There are several hundred different motorcycle models offered around the world, and they all are designed to serve different functions. 

















*Mini Bikes

Introductory-level dirt bikes designed for young kids, typically 50-100cc.

*Trail Bike

Motorcycles designed for trails. Usually under 400cc and used exclusively for off-road use.

*Off-Road Bike

Similar to a trail bike, but this covers the entire spectrum of mini bikes, trail bikes and motocross bikes.

*Motocross Bike

Designed for competition on closed-course race tracks.

*Dual Sport Bike

Designed mostly for off-road use, but has the ability to ride on street, legally.

 *Adventure Bike

Mostly a street bike, but has the ability to ride off-road.

*Sport Touring

Cross between a sport bike and a touring bike.


Designed for long-distance riding


Built mostly for comfort and short-distance riding.

*Sport Bike

Used on the street but designed for racetracks.

*Electric Motorcycle

Motorcycles of all categories that use electric power.

guide to the best Hawaiian





Soda Jerk.jpg

Mini Bike

Trail Bike

Motocross Bike

Off-Road Bike

Dual-Sport Bike

Adventure Bike

Touring Bike

Sport Touring Bike

Sport Bike


Electric Bike

Motorcycle Manufacturers

The popularity of motorcycle riding has enabled dozens of manufacturers to product high-quality motorcycles. Below is our list of the best manufacturers in the world, but note there are hundreds of others.









Harley Davidson







Royal Enfield






Motorcycle Helmet & Motorcycle Apparel Companies

A helmet is an absolute must for every type of riding, and we never go riding without one. There are a variety of different helmets for dirt and street, so know what type of helmet you need. Also, here is a link that will show you how to find the right size helmet

6d Helmets

Bell Helmets

Arai Helmets

Fox Racing



Answer Racing


Troy Lee Designs












EKS Brand


Dirt Bike Helmet

Street Bike Helmet

Adventure Bike Helmet

Motocross Riding Gear

Street Bike Riding Gear

Motorcycle Riding Schools

We are huge fans of self-improvement and learning. Even the best riders in the world have coaches and trainers who help them improve their skills. Below are some of the best riding schools in America for both off-road and street bikes. 


Off-Road Motorcycle Riding Schools

The MSF Dirt Bike School


SLMX School

Moto Ventures


Streetbike Motorcycle Riding Schools

Motorcycle Tour Companies

There are a variety of dual-sport and off-road tours all over the world and they can make epic adventures

Off-Road & Dual Sport Adventures

*Speed & Sport Adventures 

*Ready To Ride Rentals 

*Gnarly Routes 

*Sierra Nevada Adventures 

*Arizona Motorcycle Adventures 

*Moto Discovery 

*Backcountry Expeditions 

*Dixie Dual Sport 

*Sierra Dual Sport 

*Grip Twister 

*Coyote Trail Adventures 

*Dual Sport Plus 


*Wilderness collective 

*Moto Vermont 

*Western Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventures 

*ADV Tours 

*Colorado Dual Sport 


*Pocono Dual Sport & Adventure Tours

*Moab Moto Tours 

*Froggy Moto Tours 

*Great Divide Dual Sport Adventures 

*Motorcycle Vermont 

*Adventure Moto Touring 

*Maui Moto Adventures 

*Advenduro Tours 

*Tail of the Dragon Tours 

*Black Hills Dual Sport 

*Emmaus Moto Tours 

*Whitefish Bike Retreat 

*West 38 Moto 

*Rock Moutain Moto Adventures 

*Ride KTM 

*Ride ADV 

*Bend Motorcycle Adventures 

*Jeff Stanton Adventures 

*Moto Quest 

*Blue Rim Tours 

*Edelweiss Bike Travel 

*Rawhyde Adventures 

Street bike
*Eagle Rider  

*Ride Adventures 

*Ride Free Motorcycle Tours 


*Sierra Nevada Adventures 


*Southern California Tours 

*Rebel Motorcycles 

*Elite Moto Tours 

*Desert Moto Tours 

*Route 66 Tours 


*360 Motorcycle Adventures 

*Motodiscovery Tours 

*Twisted Road 

Motorcycle Resources

Do you want to learn more about the incredible world of motorcycling? Check out these resources that will no doubt help you understand more of this incredible sport.


People Also Ask

*Motorcycle Shops Near Me? There are over 2000 motorcycle dealerships in the United States and most are multi-brand, meaning they sell more than one brand from their shop.

*What are the top 10 motorcycles? This is too difficult to answer because of the different types of motorcycles and the different wants and needs from riders.

*What is the most popular motorcycle? For off-road and dual sport riding the most popular motorcycle are KTMs.

*Is it cheaper to drive a motorcycle? A small-bore single-cylinder two-stroke.

*What is the cheapest motorcycle you can buy? A single-cylinder two-stroke made in Asia

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