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High-Speed Action at Pole Position Raceway

By Ken Faught


In 2005, I made a radical career change from a photojournalist to an entrepreneur when I co-founded a chain of indoor kart tracks called Pole Position Raceway. I saw that the magazine publishing industry was rapidly changing (it was going into the toilet), the internet was still unchartered (before the big boom), and I wanted to do something that made people smile (and work closer to home). It was a crazy idea at the time because we wanted to use electric technology, and this was long before there were innovative companies like Tesla, and way before electric power was considered cool.

Fast forward and Pole Position Raceway has entertained millions of people from around the world. We developed a clear and concise mission statement – to create an exciting environment where casual drivers and professional racers have a chance to test their skills against one another on equal terms. To introduce new people to the dynamic world of motorsports while giving hard-core racers and fans an experience that they will want to share with friends.

We believe that this is the closest to real racing that most people will ever experience in their lifetime. Pole Position Raceway’s karts are capable of speeds approaching 45mph and we also have kids karts that go approximately 20mph. This seems extremely fast when you are sitting just a few inches off the ground.

We allow up to 13 karts on the track at a time and we have a variety of racing formats from including arrive-and-drive, ironman races, team endurance races, and many more. We welcome everyone from walk-in racer who want to race family, friends and other customers, to private groups both large and small. We have entertained big companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, McDonalds, Amazon, Walmart, Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Home Depot, Chevron and Costco. Pole Position Raceway was born in Corona, California and we also have a race tracks in Las Vegas and Des Moines, Iowa. Of course, I am bias, but I think this is something great for the entire family, casual walk-in racing, or corporate outings. For more information check out See you at the races!













Up to 13 people can race side-by-side in Pole Position Raceway’s high-performance electric karts.















Our own Ken Faught co-founded Pole Position Raceway in 2005 in Corona, California.


















Indoor karting is probably the closest thing to real racing that most people will ever experience in their lifetime.





















You know Ken can’t resist using Vanessa Doleshal in some of the advertising photos.



















The tracks at Pole Position Raceway are typically ¼-mile long and are modeled after European-style road courses.




















The electric karts don’t produce any smelly fumes like gas karts and allow Pole Position Raceway to be fully heated and air-conditioned.



















Pole Position Raceway is ideal for family entertainment and each location also includes video games, pool tables, air hockey and much more.



















No PhotoShop here, all the speed blur is real. The action is intense at Pole Position Raceway as the karts approach speeds nearing 45mph.



















Vanessa Doleshal is all smiles whenever she has the opportunity to race anything!

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