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How to Provide Proof of Onward Travel 

By Ken Faught

Did you know that some countries will not accept travelers from a one-way flight? In fact, they might not even let you into their country if you don’t have proof that you have transportation to leave. Here’s our travel guide on how to provide proof of onward travel and note that it’s not difficult, it just takes some knowledge and planning.




International travel flying tips – this is one of the most-important travel tips you must know.


It’s not only the countries that may require proof of onward travel, but usually the airlines as well. It all starts when you check in at the airport and they want to see your passport and your airline tickets. You see, if the airline brings you to a destination that requires proof of onward travel, they bear some, if not all, of the responsibility for getting you out of that country. So the airlines have become savvy and check this at the beginning of your travel so they know it won’t be an issue, much in the same way they verify that you have a valid passport.










Make sure you have proof of onward travel when flying to international destinations otherwise your travel may end before it gets started.


I am lucky, because I learned about this rule a long time ago and have never had a problem, but I know people who have. This usually hurts the person who buys a one-way ticket because they don’t know how long they want to stay, and airline tickets that allow changes or are refundable are a lot more expensive. So I have talked to several of the airlines because I wanted to answer these main questions:


-Which countries require proof of onward travel?

-How to get proof of onward travel?

-What is proof of onward travel?

-What are the airline flying requirements for onward travel?

-Onward travel rules?

One of the ways that you can use the system is the “rent” a cheap ticket confirmation at OneWayFly. This is really convenient for the person who has the best intention to leave the country, but wants to do on his/her terms, versus what an immigration policy might suggest.

Why Does Proof of Onward Travel Matter?

The primary reason is that governments do not want people illegally immigrating. Not that a $500-$1500 extra fee for a round trip serving as proof would really change anything, but some countries demand return ticket proof for entry at customs. 


Pay attention to this unique rule if you ever think about traveling internationally on a one-way ticket.


Forms of Onward Travel Proof

Since several countries hold the airlines responsible to check this before-hand, the task of proving your intentions actually begins at the airport. The easiest way is with an airline ticket that is a roundtrip or it has another flight that takes you to a destination that does not require proof of onward travel. If the airline fails to check, the airline may be held responsible for deporting you from the country you are trying to enter.



Which Countries Require Proof of Onward Travel?

There are a lot of countries that require proof, but don’t enforce the rules. But the key countries that take the law seriously are United Kingdom, New Zealand, Brazil, Indonesia, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Peru and the United States, and sometimes Thailand, Panama and Mexico.













It’s not that difficult to get inexpensive proof of onward travel if you know how the system works. Simply put, there are some tricks on how to beat proof of onward travel for little or no money.


Travel Tips – How to Get Proof of Onward Travel

•Buy a refundable ticket and then cancel it upon arrival if you don’t know when you plan to return. You may have to pay a small fee and wait 4-8 weeks for the money to be returned, but this is a good option. Just make sure you understand all the rules and regulations for the refundable ticket so you don’t get stuck with an unwanted credit or a partial refund.

•Rent a Ticket on This is one of the preferred methods and costs less than $20. You will get your official ticket confirmation within a few hours and you aren’t ever out a large amount of money.

•Buy a cheap ticket on a budget airline to the cheapest destination you can find that doesn’t require proof of onward travel. You may also consider buying a train or bus ticket out of the country which also acts as proof.

•Use frequent flier miles – If you have a lot of miles, you can book a trip with your points and cancel it later. You have to check with the airline carrier’s rules and regulations, but this is an option to consider.


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