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Top 10 Blogs for Travel Photography

The Best Websites You Need to Start Following Today!

By Ken Faught

We are huge fans of learning in this visual world, especially about travel and photography. As you can imagine, as digital nomads, we spend a lot of time on the computer and really enjoy looking at creative work produced by others. So, we came up with three different categories – 10 Best Travel Blogs, 10 Best Travel Photography Blogs and 10 Best Photography Blogs.











Jennifer Emig grabs a quick photo of Hanalei Bay with her iPhone. She’s addicted to the blogging lifestyle.



Top 10 Travel Blogs

*Travel Break

*The Blonde Abroad

*Nomadic Matt

*Keep Calm and Travel

*Backpacker Banter

*Brendan’s Adventures

*A Broken Backpack

*Lili’s Travel Plans

*My Life’s A Travel Movie

*Adventerous Kate

Top 10 Travel Photography Blogs

*Everything Everywhere

*Salt in Our Hair

*Expert Vagabond

*Yegor Korzh Travel Photography

*Ilya Genkin

*Ken Kaminesky

*Kristen Alana

*Stuck in Customs

*The Travel Episodes

*Cookiesound is Traveling



If you are into camera gear, you might want to check out my story on My Favorite Camera Gear that I carry around the world. I also have created a story on the Best GoPro Accessories and the Best Cameras Under $2000. All of these are really good resources for just about anyone.

Top 10 Photography Blogs

*F Stoppers

*DP Review

*Joe McNally Photography

*David Duchemin

*Deposit Photos

*Photo Focus

*Creative Live

*Lightroom Killer Tips

*Digital Photography School

*Anton Gorlin Photography



Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How do I start a travel photography blog?

A: Check out the story we did on How to Start Your Own Travel Blog. After you decide your content approach and your audience, you need to figure out your platform such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

Q: How do I write a photography blog?

A: You want to write conversation-style, just like you were talking to someone. You want to focus on your message and make sure that it’s easy to understand.

Q: How do you write a travel blog example?

A: Take a look at some of our Blog examples on this website.

Q: How do you name a travel blog?

A: You want the headline to be summarize what the story blog is about. You also want it to have good keywords that people understand and demand.

Q: How do photography blogs make money?

A: Through a number of ways. You can sell digital or printed copies of photos, sell photos to stock agencies, teach photography through paid online courses, photograph for clients, and conduct workshops and photography tours


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